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Type of publication:Article
Entered by:mylonas
TitleEmpowering citizens towards the co-creation of sustainable cities
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2017-23
Journal IEEE Internet of Things
Year published 2017
Urban ecosystems are becoming one of the most potentially attractive scenarios for innovating new services and technologies. In parallel, city managers, urban utilities and other stakeholders are fostering the intensive use of advanced technologies aiming at improving present city performance and its sustainability. The deployment of such technology entails the generation of massive amounts of information which in many cases might become useful for other services and applications. Hence, aiming at taking advantage of such massive amounts of information and deployed technology as well as breaking the potential digital barrier that can be raised, some easy-to-use tools have to be made available to the urban stakeholders. These tools integrated in a platform, operated directly or indirectly by the city, provides a singular opportunity for exploiting the concept of connected city whilst fostering innovation in all city dimensions and making the co-creation concept a reality and eventually impacting on government policies.
Gutierrez Polidura, Veronica
Amaxilatis, Dimitrios
Mylonas, Georgios
Munoz, Luis
Publication ID1178