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TitleThe Greek School Network: a paradigm of successful educational services maturing based on the dynamics of open-source technology
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2007-119
Journal IEEE Transactions on Education
Year published 2007
The Greek School Network (GSN) is a closed nationwide educational network that offers advanced telematic and networking services to all primary/secondary education schools and administration offices in Greece. The primary objective of GSN is the provisioning of a network infrastructure for the interconnection of school PC laboratories so that modern educational methods and pedagogical models can be applied to the school community. GSN has scaled in size, has reached maturity, and is currently delivering a wide range of network and telematic services to its users. The emerging power of open-source software provides a sound technological basis for building cutting-edge services, capable of meeting internal administrative and monitoring needs, and modern pedagogical requirements for tools and services. The current paper presents an overview of GSN and an evaluation of its services based on the opinions of its users, and on service utilization and traffic measurement statistics. The paper reaches the conclusion that open-source solutions provide a sound technological platform that can cover, to a great extent, the needs for advanced educational services of the school community.
Kalochristianakis, M.
Paraskevas, M.
Varvarigos, Emmanouel
Xypolitos, N.
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