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Type of publication:Inproceedings
Entered by:mylonas
TitleThe case for Open Datasets from IoT-connected School Buildings
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2019-6
Booktitle Joint Proceeding of the Poster and Workshop Sessions of AmI-2019, the 2019 European Conference on Ambient Intelligence
Year published 2019
Month November
Volume 2492
Pages 38-45
A lot of activity is being devoted to studying issues related to energy consumption and efficiency in our buildings, and especially on public buildings. In this context, the educational public buildings should bean important part of the equation. At the same time, there is an evident need for open datasets, which should be publicly available for researchers to use. We have implemented a real-world multi-site Inter-net of Things (IoT) deployment, comprising 25 school buildings across Europe, primarily designed as a foundation for enabling IoT-based energy awareness and sustainability lectures and promoting data-driven energy-saving behaviors. In this work, we present some of the basic aspects to producing datasets from this deployment and discuss its potential uses. We also provide a brief discussion on data derived from a preliminary analysis of thermal comfort-related data produced from this infrastructure.
Mylonas, Georgios
Amaxilatis, Dimitrios
Publication ID1280