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TitleConstrained and Unconstrained Overspill Routing in Optical Networks: A Detailed Performance Evaluation
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2007-102
Journal Springer: Journal on Photonic Network Communications
Year published 2007
Volume 13
Number 3
Pages 227-240
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Keywords Hybrid optical switching ,Optical networks ,Overspill routing ,Photonic switching systems
In this article, we present a detailed performance evaluation of a hybrid optical switching (HOS) architecture called Overspill Routing in Optical Networks (ORION). The ORION architecture combines (optical) wavelength and (electronic) packet switching, so as to obtain the individual advantages of both switching paradigms. In particular, ORION exploits the possible insertions/extractions, to reduce the necessary interfaces, do not deteriorate performance and thus the use of traffic concentrators assure ORIONís economic viability. idle periods of established lightpaths to transmit packets destined to the next common node, or even directly to their common end-destination. Depending on whether all lightpaths are allowed to simultaneously carry and terminate overspill traffic or overspill is restricted to a sub-set of wavelengths, the architecture limits itself to constrained or un-constrained ORION. To evaluate both cases, we developed an extensive network simulator where the basic features of the ORION architectureweremodeled, including suitable edge/core node switches and load-varying sources to simulate overloading traffic conditions. Further, we have assessed various aspects of the ORION architecture including two basic routing/forwarding policies and various buffering schemes. The complete network study shows that ORION can absorb temporal traffic overloads, as intended, provided sufficient buffering is present.We also demonstrate that the restriction of simultaneous packet
Vlachos, Kyriakos
Breusegem, E.
Christodoulopoulos, Konstantinos
Colle, Didier
Ramantas, Kostas
Demeester, Piet
kvlachos%20Constrained%20and%20Unconstrained%20overspill%20routing%20in%20optical%20networks%20a%20detailed%20performance%20evaluation.pdf (main file)
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