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TitlePublish/Subscribe Information Delivery With Substring Predicates
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2006-71
Year published 2006
Institution Tech. Report TR2006/11/01, R&A Computer Technology Institute, Patras, Greece
The content-based publish/subscribe (pub/sub)paradigm for system design is becoming increasingly popular, offering unique benefits for a large number of data-intensive applications. Coupled with the peer-to-peer technology, it can serve as a central building block for such applications deployed over a large-scale network infrastructure. A key problem toward the creation of large-scale contentbased pub/sub infrastructures relates to dealing efficiently with continuous queries (subscriptions) with rich predicates on string attributes; In particular, efficiently and accurately matching substring queries to incoming events is an open problem. In this work we study this problem. We provide and analyze novel algorithms for processing subscriptions with substring predicates and events in a variety of environments. We provide experimental data demonstrating the relative performance behavior of the proposed algorithms using as key metrics the network bandwidth requirements, number of messages, load balancing, as well as requirements for extra routing state (and related maintenance) and design flexibility.
Aekaterinidis, Ioannis
Triantafillou, Peter
RACTI-TR-2006-11-11-01-ngrams.pdf (main file)
Publication ID232