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TitleImplementations and Experimental Studies of Dynamic Graph Algorithms
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2002-20
Booktitle Experimental Algorithmics - From Algorithm Design to Robust and Efficient Software
Year published 2002
Pages 229-278
Publisher Springer-Verlag
Dynamic graph algorithms have been extensively studied in the last two decades due to their wide applicabilityin manycon texts. Recently, several implementations and experimental studies have been conducted investigating the practical merits of fundamental techniques and algorithms. In most cases, these algorithms required sophisticated engineering and fine-tuning to be turned into efficient implementations. In this paper, we surveysev - eral implementations along with their experimental studies for dynamic problems on undirected and directed graphs. The former case includes dynamic connectivity, dynamic minimum spanning trees, and the sparsification technique. The latter case includes dynamic transitive closure and dynamic shortest paths. We also discuss the design and implementation of a software libraryfor dynamic graph algorithms.
Zaroliagis, Christos
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