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Type of publication:Article
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TitleTimer-based burst assembly algorithms and their effect in TCP Congestion window
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2008-23
Journal OSA: Journal of Optical Networking
Year published 2008
Month May
Volume 7
Number 5
Pages 487-495
In this paper, the impact of burstification delay on the TCP traffic statistics is presented as well as a new assembly scheme that uses flow window size as the threshold criterion. It is shown that short assembly times are ideally suitable for sources with small congestion windows, allowing for a speed up in their transmission. In addition, large assembly times do not yield any throughput gain, despite the large number of segments per burst transmitted, but result in a low throughput variation, and thus a higher notion of fairness among the individual flows. To this end, in this paper, we propose a new burst assembly scheme that dynamically assigns flows to different assembly queues with different assembly timers, based on their instant window size. Results show that the proposed scheme with different timers provides a higher average throughput together with a smaller variance which is a good compromise for bandwidth dimensioning.
Ramantas, Kostas
Vlachos, Kyriakos
de Dios, Oscar Gonzalez
Aracil, Javier
Rafaelli, Carla
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