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TitleRandom Walk with Stopping Times in Wireless Sensor Networks
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2008-34
Year published 2008
Institution CTI
The sensor devices are battery powered thus energy is the most precious resource of a wireless sensor network since periodically replacing the battery of the nodes in large scale deployments is infeasible. The collected data is disseminated to a static control point data sink in the network, using node to node multi-hop data propagation, [4, 6]. However, sensor devices consume signi cant amounts of energy in addition to increased implementation complexity since a routing protocol is executed. Also, a point of failure emerges in the area near the control center where nodes relay the data from nodes that are farther away
Kinalis, Athanasios
Nikoletseas, Sotiris
Patroumpa, Dimitra
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Publication ID482