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TitleAsynchronous tele-education and computer-enhanced learning services in the Greek School Network
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2008-50
Journal WSKS 2008
Year published 2008
Volume 5288/2008
Pages 234-242
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Keywords Asynchronous tele-education ,school network ,e-learning platforms comparison
The Greek School Network (GSN) has developed and put into production a number of e-learning services, including synchronous and asynchronous tele-education, electronic class management, blogs, video-on-demand, podcasts and multimedia libraries. These new services complement established and accepted e-learning services, such as teleconferencing, user wikis, forums, email, electronic publishing, and e-magazines. This report presents the most prominent digital e-learning services offered by GSN, with emphasis on the asynchronous tele-education service, which is presented in detail. Its implementation platform, the Moodle course management system, is compared against well-known asynchronous open source tele-education platforms such as COSE, Claroline, Fle3, ILIAS, Manhattan, KEWL, Comentor, e-Class and Eledge. The evaluation of the asynchronous tele-education platforms is based on detailed comparisons of their characteristics and of the methodology they adopt in order to deliver educational services. The comparison is based on evaluation criteria derived from the documented experiences of research institutes and educational bodies and also from the experience of GSN itself. The paper concludes with the presentation of an extension to Moodle for implementing communities of practice (CoPs) that facilitate the creation and delivery of electronic educational open content for teachers in a synergetic manner.
Kalochristianakis, M.
Paraskevas, M.
Varvarigos, Emmanouel
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