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Type of publication:Article
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TitleAvoiding adjacent channel interference in static RWA
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2008-52
Year published 2008
Pages 552-556
Keywords Routing and Wavelength Assignment,offline traffic,LP relaxation,adjacent channel interference
We design and implement an algorithm for solving the static RWA problem based on an LP relaxation formulation. This formulation is capable of providing integer optimal solutions despite the absence of integrality constraints for a large subset of RWA input instances. In static RWA there is no a-priori knowledge of the channels usage and the interference among them cannot be avoided once the solution has been found. To take into consideration adjacent channel interference, we extend our formulation and model the interference by a set of analytical formulas as additional constraints on RWA.
Christodoulopoulos, Konstantinos
Manousakis, Kostas
Varvarigos, Emmanouel
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