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TitleControl Signal Generation From Flag Pulses to Drive All-Optical Gates
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2004-57
Journal Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE
Year published 2004
Month April
Volume 16
Number 4
Pages 1122-1124
DOI 10.1109/lpt.2004.824611
Keywords All-optical gate,all-optical signal processing,Fabry–Pérot (FP) filter,semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA)
All-optical gate control signal generation is demonstrated from flag pulses, using a Fabry–Pérot filter followed by a semiconductor optical amplifier. Ten control pulses are generated from a single flag pulse having less than 0.45-dB amplitude modulation. By doubling or tripling the number of flag pulses, the number of control pulses increases approximately by a factor of two or three. The circuit can control the switching state of all-optical switches, on a packet-by-packet basis, and can be used for nontrivial network functionalities such us self-routing.
Kalyvas, M
Yiannopoulos, K.
Houbavlis, T.
Avramopoulos, Hercules
DecidablePacketGenerator.pdf (main file)
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