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Type of publication:Inproceedings
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TitleSubstring Matching in P2P Publish/Subscribe Data Management Networks
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2007-33
Booktitle IEEE 23rd International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE 2007)
Year published 2007
Month April
Pages 1390-1394
Note (short paper)
The content-based publish/subscribe (pub/sub) paradigm for system design is becoming increasingly popular, offering unique benefits for a large number of data-intensive applications. Coupled with the peer-to-peer technology, it can serve as a central building block for such applications deployed over a large-scale network infrastructure. A key problem toward the creation of large-scale content-based pub/sub infrastructures relates to dealing efficiently with continuous queries (subscriptions) with rich predicates on string attributes; in this work we study the problem of efficiently and accurately matching substring queries to incoming events.
Aekaterinidis, Ioannis
Triantafillou, Peter
aekater-ngrams.pdf (main file)
Poster presented in ICDE2007
Publication ID61