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TitlePerformance and Stability Bounds for Dynamic Networks
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2004-65
Booktitle 7th International Conference on Parallel Architectures
Series Algorithms and Networks
Year published 2004
In this work, we study the impact of dynamically changing link capacities on the delay bounds of LIS (Longest-In- System) and SIS (Shortest-In-System) protocols on specific networks (that can be modelled as Directed Acyclic Graphs- DAGs) and stability bounds of greedy contention-resolution protocols running on arbitrary networks under the Adversarial Queueing Theory. Especially, we consider the model of dynamic capacities, where each link capacity may take on integer values from [1, C] withC > 1, under a (w, ñ)- adversary.
Koukopoulos, Dimitrios
Mavronicolas, Marios
Spirakis, Paul
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