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TitleGame Authority for Robust and Scalable Distributed Selfish Computer Systems
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2010-12
Booktitle Theoretical Computer Science
Year published 2010
Month June
Volume 411
Pages 2459-2466
Keywords Distributed computing,Game theory,Game authority,Self-stabilization
Distributed algorithm designers often assume that system processes execute the same predefined software. Alternatively, when they do not assume that, designers turn to non-cooperative games and seek an outcome that corresponds to a rough consensus when no coordination is allowed. We argue that both assumptions are inapplicable in many real distributed systems, e.g., the Internet, and propose designing self-stabilizing and Byzantine fault-tolerant distributed game authorities. Once established, the game authority can secure the execution of any complete information game. As a result, we reduce costs that are due to the processes˘ freedom of choice. Namely, we reduce the price of malice.
Dolev, Shlomi
Schiller, Elad Michael
Spirakis, Paul
Tsigas, Ph.
Game authority for robust and scalable distributed selfish-computer systems.pdf (main file)
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