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Type of publication:Article
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TitleThe probabilistic analysis of a greedy satisfiability algorithm
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2006-24
Journal Random Structures and Algorithms
Year published 2006
Volume 28
Number 4
Pages 444-480
Note Wiley Periodicals
On input a random 3-CNF formula of clauses-to-variables ratio r3 applies repeatedly the following simple heuristic: Set to True a literal that appears in the maximum number of clauses, irrespective of their size and the number of occurrences of the negation of the literal (ties are broken randomly; 1-clauses when they appear get priority). We prove that for r3 < 3.42 this heuristic succeeds with probability asymptotically bounded away from zero. Previously, heuristics of increasing sophistication were shown to succeed for r3 < 3.26. We improve up to r3 < 3.52 by further exploiting the degree of the negation of the evaluated to True literal.
Kaporis, Alexis
Kirousis, Lefteris
Lalas, Efthimios
Publication ID74