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Type of publication:Inproceedings
Entered by:ichatz
TitleRouting Protocols for Efficient Communication in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2006-25
Booktitle 3rd ACM Workshop on Performance Evaluation of Wireless Ad Hoc, Sensor, and Ubiquitous Networks
Year published 2006
Month October
Pages 90-97
Organization ACM, PE-WASUN 2006
Location Torremolinos, Malaga, Spain
In this paper we demonstrate the significant impact of the user mobility rates on the performance on two different approaches for designing routing protocols for ad-hoc mobile networks: (a) the route creation and maintenance approach and (b) the "support" approach, that forces few hosts to move acting as "helpers" for message delivery. We study a set of representative protocols for each approach, i.e.~DSR and ZRP for the first approach and RUNNERS for the second. We have implemented the three protocols and performed a large scale and detailed simulation study of their performance. Our findings are: (i) DSR achieves low message delivery rates but manages to deliver messages very fast; (ii) ZRP behaves well in networks of low mobility rate, while its performance drops for networks of highly mobile users; (iii) RUNNERS seem to tolerate well (and in fact benefit from) high mobility rates. Based on our investigation, we design and implement two new protocols that result from the synthesis of the investigated routing approaches. We conducted an extensive, comparative simulation study of their performance. The new protocols behave well both in networks of diverse mobility motion rates, and in some cases they even outperform the original ones by achieving lower message delivery delays.
Chatzigiannakis, Ioannis
Kokkinos, Panagiotis
Zaroliagis, Christos
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