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TitleDynamic Web Service discovery architecture based on a novel peer based overlay network
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2009-91
Journal Systems and Software
Year published 2009
Volume 82
Pages 809-824
Keywords Web Services Discovery,Peer to Peer overlay networks,Databases
Service Oriented Computing and its most famous implementation technology Web Services (WS) are becoming an important enabler of networked business models. Discovery mechanisms are a critical factor to the overall utility of Web Services. So far, discovery mechanisms based on the UDDI standard rely on many centralized and area-specific directories, which poses information stress problems such as performance bottlenecks and fault tolerance. In this context, decentralized approaches based on Peer to Peer overlay networks have been proposed by many researchers as a solution. In this paper, we propose a new structured P2P overlay network infrastructure designed for Web Services Discovery. We present theoretical analysis backed up by experimental results, showing that the proposed solution outperforms popular decentralized infrastructures for web discovery, Chord (and some of its successors), BATON (and itĘs successor) and Skip-Graphs.
Sioutas, Spyros
Sakkopoulos, E.
Makris, Christos
Vassiliadis, B.
Triantafillou, Peter
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