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TitleBrief Announcement: ART: Sub-Logarithmic Decentralized Range Query Processing with Probabilistic Guarantees
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2010-38
Booktitle Twenty-Ninth Annual ACM SIGACT-SIGOPS Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing
Year published 2010
Location Zurich, Switzerland
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We focus on range query processing on large-scale, typically distributed infrastructures. In this work we present the ART (Autonomous Range Tree) structure, which outperforms the most popular decentralized structures, including Chord (and some of its successors), BATON (and its successor) and Skip-Graphs. ART supports the join/leave and range query operations in O(log logN) and O(log2 b logN +|A|) expected w.h.p number of hops respectively, where the base b is a double-exponentially power of two, N is the total number of peers and |A| the answer size.
Sioutas, Spyros
Papaloukopoulos, Goerge
Sakkopoulos, E.
Tsichlas, Kostas
Manolopoulos, Yiannis
Triantafillou, Peter
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