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TitleAnalysis and Simulation for Parameterizing the Energy-Latency Trade-off for Routing in Sensor Networks
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2010-47
Booktitle 12th ACM MSWiM 2010 Technical Program
Year published 2010
Month October
Keywords Wireless Sensor Networks,Algorithms,Data Propagation,Energy Efficiency,Routing,Performance Evaluation
We study the problem of greedy, single path data propaga- tion in wireless sensor networks, aiming mainly to minimize the energy dissipation. In particular, we rst mathemat- ically analyze and experimentally evaluate the energy e- ciency and latency of three characteristic protocols, each one selecting the next hop node with respect to a di erent cri- terion (minimum projection, minimum angle and minimum distance to the destination). Our analytic and simulation ndings suggest that any single criterion does not simulta- neously satisfy both energy eciency and low latency. To- wards parameterized energy-latency trade-o s we provide as well hybrid combinations of the two criteria (direction and proximity to the sink). Our hybrid protocols achieve sig- ni cant perfomance gains and allow ne-tuning of desired performance. Also, they have nice energy balance proper- ties, and can prolong the network lifetime.
Efstathiou, Dionysios
Koutsopoulos, A
Nikoletseas, Sotiris
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