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TitleISB-tree: A new indexing scheme with efficient expected behaviour
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2010-71
Journal Elsevier
Year published 2010
Volume 8
Pages 373-387
DOI 10.1016/j.jda.2010.08.001
Keywords B-tree,External memory data structure,Interpolation search,Data indexing
We present the interpolation search B-tree (ISB-tree), a new cache-aware indexing scheme that supports update operations (insertions and deletions) in O(1) worst-case block transfers and search operations in O(logB logn) expected block transfers, where B represents the disk block size and n denotes the number of stored elements. The expected search bound holds with high probability for a large class of (unknown) input distributions. The worst-case search bound of our indexing scheme is O(logB n) block transfers. Our update and expected search bounds constitute a considerable improvement over the O(logB n) worst-case block transfer bounds for search and update operations achieved by the B-tree and its numerous variants. This is also verified by an accompanying experimental study.
Kaporis, Alexis
Makris, Christos
Mavritsakis, George
Sioutas, Spyros
Tsakalidis, Athanasios
Tsichlas, Kostas
Zaroliagis, Christos
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