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Type of publication:Inproceedings
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TitleMURPESS - MUlti Radio Pedestrian Energy Scavenging Sensor Network
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2010-73
Booktitle eChalenges e-2010
Year published 2010
Month October
Publisher IIMC International Information Management Corporation
Organization IEEE
Location Warsaw
Note 978-1-905824-21-2
We present and discuss challenges and solutions posed by the design of an adaptable network infrastructure of tiny artifacts. Such artifacts are characterized by severe limitations in computational power, communications capacity and energy; nevertheless they must realize a communication infrastructure able to deliver services to the end-users in a very dynamic and challenging environment. Namely we present one unifying scenario for the activities of the FRONTS project ( The aim of the unifying scenario is to show how the results achieved in the project can be exploited to build such a communication infrastructure.
Chatzigiannakis, Ioannis
Colesanti, Ugo
Kontogiannis, Spyros
Leshem, Guy
Spaccamela, Alberto Marchetti
Mehler, Jan
Persiano, Giuseppe
Spirakis, Paul
Vitaletti, Andrea
echallenges2010.pdf (main file)
Publication ID864