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Type of publication:Inproceedings
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TitleEfficient Heuristics for Low Radiation Paths in Wireless Sensor Networks
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2011-72
Booktitle 7th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing in Sensor Networks
Year published 2011
Pages 1-3
Publisher Springer Verlag
Organization IEEE DCOSS 2011
We call radiation at a point of a wireless network the total amount of electromagnetic quantity (energy or power density) the point is exposed to. The impact of radiation can be high and we believe it is worth studying and control; towards radiation aware wireless networking we take (for the first time in the study of this aspect) a distributed computing, algorithmic approach. We exemplify this line of research by focusing on sensor networks, studying the minimum radiation path problem of finding the lowest radiation trajectory of a person moving from a source to a destination point in the network region. For this problem, we sketch the main ideas behind a linear program that can provide a tight approximation of the optimal solution, and then we discuss three heuristics that can lead to low radiation paths. We also plan to investigate the impact of diverse node mobility to the heuristics' performance.
Nikoletseas, Sotiris
Patroumpa, Dimitra
Raptopoulos, Christoforos
Rolim, Jose
Publication ID926