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Type of publication:Inproceedings
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TitleA Distributed, Parametric Platform for Constructing Secure SBoxes in Block Cipher Designs
Bibtex cite IDRACTI-RU1-2011-78
Booktitle FGIT-SecTech'11
Year published 2011
Pages 155-166
Many of the network security protocols employed today utilize symmetric block ciphers (DES, AES and CAST etc). The majority of the symmetric block ciphers implement the crucial substitution operation using look up tables, called substitution boxes. These structures should be highly nonlinear and have bit dispersal, i.e. avalanche, properties in order to render the cipher with resistant to cryptanalysis attempts, such as linear and differential cryptanalysis. Highly secure substitution boxes can be constructed using particular Boolean functions as components that have certain mathematical properties which enhance the robustness of the whole cryptoalgorithm. However, enforcing these properties on SBoxes is a highly computationally intensive task. In this paper, we present a distributed algorithm and its implementation on a computing cluster that accelerates the construction of secure substitution boxes with good security properties. It is fully parametric since it can employ any class of Boolean functions with algorithmically definable properties and can construct SBoxes of arbitrary sizes. We demonstrate the efficiency of the distributed algorithm implementation compared to its sequential counterpart, in a number of experiments.
Nastou, Panagotis
Stamatiou, Yannis
Publication ID932