research unit 1

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Keywords (2)
[RACTI-RU1-2005-63] Houbavlis, T., Zoiros, K.E., Kalyvas, M, Theophilopoulos, G, Bintjas, C, Yiannopoulos, K., Pleros, N., Vlachos, Kyriakos, Avramopoulos, Hercules, Schares, L., Occhi, L., Guekos, G., Taylor, J. R., Hansmann, S. and Miller, W., All-Optical Signal Processing and Applications Within the Esprit Project DO_ALL, in: Journal of Lightwave Technology, volume 23, number 2, pages 781-801, 2005. [DOI]
Keywords:All-optical packet switching, all-optical signal processing, semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs), ultrafast nonlinear interferometer

[RACTI-RU1-2003-49] Yiannopoulos, K., Vyrsokinos, K, Pleros, N., Tsiokos, D, Bintjas, C, Guekos, G. and Avramopoulos, Hercules, Repetition Rate Upgrade for Optical Sources, in: Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE, volume 15, number 6, pages 861-863, 2003. [DOI]
Keywords:Terms—Fabry–P{\'e}rot resonators, optical transmitters, semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs)