research unit 1

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[RACTI-RU1-2005-18] Chatzigiannakis, Ioannis, Mylonas, Georgios and Nikoletseas, Sotiris, jWebDust: A Java-based Generic Application Environment for Wireless Sensor Networks, in: 1st IEEE/ACM International Conference on Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems (DCOSS 2005), pages 376-386, Springer Verlag, IEEE/ACM, Marina Del Rey, CA, USA, 2005. [DOI]
[RACTI-RU1-2008-65] Koninis, Christos, Mylonas, Georgios and Chatzigiannakis, Ioannis, Webdust: A Platform for Supporting Development of Large Wireless Sensor & Actor Networks Applications, pages 19-21, 1st Student Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks (SWWSN 2008), Athens - Greece, 2008.