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[RACTI-RU1-2011-35] Chantzis, Konstantinos, Koninis, Christos, Chatzigiannakis, Ioannis and Rolim, Jose, Design and Evaluation of a Lightweight Tracking Algorithm using Wireless Sensor Networks, in: 8th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems (MASS), IEEE, Valencia, Spain, 2011.
[RACTI-RU1-2008-32] Marculescu, A, Nikoletseas, Sotiris, Powell, Olivier and Rolim, Jose, Efficient Tracking of Moving Targets by Passively Handling Traces in Sensor Networks, in: 51st IEEE International Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), pages 1-6, 2008.
[RACTI-RU1-2011-74] Karagiannis, Marios, Chantzis, Konstantinos, Nikoletseas, Sotiris and Rolim, Jose, Passive target tracking: Application with mobile devices using an indoors WSN Future Internet testbed, in: 1st IEEE Workshop on Building Intelligence through IPv6 Sensing Systems, HOBSENSE 2011, 2011.
[RACTI-RU1-2009-48] Nikoletseas, Sotiris and Spirakis, Paul, Probabilistic Distributed Algorithms for Energy Efficient Routing and Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks, in: Algorithms Journal, volume 2, number 1, pages 121-157, 2009.
[RACTI-RU1-2011-24] Chantzis, Konstantinos, Chatzigiannakis, Ioannis, Persiano, Giuseppe and Ranieri, Antonio, Tracking Mobile Assets, chapter in the book"Distributed Self-organized Societies of Tiny Artefacts: Design & Implementation", Lulu Publishers, ISBN 5800059245538, 2011.