research unit 1

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[RACTI-RU1-2000-24] Kirousis, Lefteris, Kranakis, Evangelos, Krizanc, Danny and Stamatiou, Yannis, Locating Information with Uncertainty in Fully Interconnected Networks, in: DISC 2000, Distributed Computing, 14th International Conference, 2000.
[RACTI-RU1-2001-1] Kaporis, Alexis, Kirousis, Lefteris, Kranakis, Evangelos, Krizanc, Danny, Stamatiou, Yannis and Stavropoulos, Elias, Locating information with uncertainty in fully interconnected networks with appli- cations to world wide web information retrieval, in: The Computer Journal, volume 44, number 4, pages 221-229, 2001.