Design and Development of a Prototype System Telecommanding to Ships with Online Duplex High-speed Communications
Greek GSRT PENED Project-09ΣΥΝ-52-657
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Start-End Dates 7/01/2011-06/01/2014
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  • Hellenic Seaways Anonymoys Shipping Company
  • Anonymoys Shipping Company Of Crete S.A.
  • Institute For Telecommunication Systems
  • Research Academic Computer Technology Institute

The project aspires to design, deploy and validate a telecommunication infrastructure for ships, using WiMax and / or WiFi antennas that will be placed both on shore stations and ships. The purpose is to explore alternatives to the existing practices that rely mainly on satellite communications that have strong limitations in terms of cost and bandwidth. In terms of deployment / pilot scenarios, the consortium will choose among several remote management services that are already in use on the ships of participating companies while the option of provisioning for Internet services to passengers will also be considered. The pilot trials will run on ships that travel within the Cyclades, since the proximity of the islands as also the fact that there is a large number of islets scattered in between favours the deployment of such infrastructures. The expected impact of the project includes among other the increase of the competitiveness of  Greek shipping companies through the exploitation of advanced technology, the incorporation of more cost-effective administrative services on the ships and the potential deployment of more bandwidth intensive services to passengers.




This project is funded by OP Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship (OP II), ROP Macedonia - Thrace, WFP Crete and the Aegean Islands, ROP Thessaly - Central Greece - Epirus, ROP Attica