Advanced Systems and Services for Wireless Mobile Networks
Greek GSRT PENED Project MIS 312179
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Start-End Dates 01/03/2011 - 28/02/2013
Coordinator Spirakis, Paul (CTI)
  • Research Academic Computer Technology Institute - Greece (CTI)
  • Region Of Western Greece

The objective of this research is to contribute to the development and adoption of a unified framework for understanding the above systems in both research and practical level. To achieve this goal we will consider theoretical models that have the key attributes that characterize large networks consisting of many small, limited in terms of resources, devices that can interact with each other and with other systems. The theoretical models provide the ability to study and predict behavior, efficiency, reliability and performance of these systems in any application. The proposal and analysis of theoretical models can therefore play a key role in designing and developing algorithms and systems. After all, the increasing attention given by most academic institutions to theoretical models for Wireless Sensor Networks (like those previously described) and Diffuse Systems in general is not coincidental.

Our research aims at formulating a comprehensive picture of the capabilities of distributed systems mentioned above through the systematic study of theoretical models and utilization of their special characteristics.

This project is funded by ESA OP EDUCATION AND LIFELONG LEARNING- 26888 / 4.12.2008