Computer Experiments for Concurrent Engineering
Brite - Euram


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Start-End Dates 01/11/1996 - 31/10/1999
Coordinator Centro Ricerche Fiat SCpA (IT)
  • Intrasoft S.A., Politehnico di Torino
  • University of Warwick (UK)
  • Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR)
  • Societe National d' Etude et de Construction de Moteurs d' Aviation
  • ITCC S.A.
  • Research Academic Computer Technology Institute


Basic study and software development for Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) isues with fast emulators. The main aim of the project is the provision of solutions to optimization problems in industrial applications, using modern, specific techniques. In detail, the project aims towards the solution of a multi-objective optimization problem, e.g. the finding of the best function, which satisfies the constraints of the user or/and the physical concept of the problem. CTI is involved in the software development and integration of the different (algorithmic) modules of the system.