Risc Planning Process
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Start-End Dates 01/11/1998 - 01/11/2001
Coordinator Centro Ricerche Fiat SCpA (IT)
  • Centro Ricerche Fiat SCpA (IT)
  • Unilever (GB)
  • Tech. Univ. Of Eindhoven
  • University of Warwick (UK)
  • Politechnico di Torino (IT)


The objective of the project is construction of an expert system consisting of a "knowledge base" and an "inference engine" which will be able to store the processes of design and production of a new item, emphasizing on critical points of these processes. More specifically, the software will be able to recognize critical point for the success of the final aim (risk idntification), simulate possible scenarios (what-f simulation) and ability to seek for the optimum solution based on the expert system.COMBSTRU is a Research Training Network funded through the European Commission, whose main scientific goal is the analysis of intractable combinatorial problems, focusing on structural properties of the problems and using tools from algebra, logic, probability, geometry, statistical physics and other fields. Training of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers through appointed positions, workshops and summer schools is a main issue in the network.