Algorithmic and Evolutionary Game Theory
Greek GSRT PENED Project
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Start-End Dates 01/09/05 - 31/08/08
Coordinator Spirakis Paul
  • Research Academic Computer Technology Institute (RACTI)
  • University of Patras


The aim of the project is the use of game theoretic and computational approaches to understand and control complex wide area networks, e.g. the Internet, where there is no centralized authority which designs and controls fully the network. The users of such networks attempt to maximize their profits, and this selfish behavior may lead the system to one or more Nash equilibria. Nash equilibrium is a state where no player increases her profit by changing its strategy on her own. Nash equilibria consist the most famous notion of solutions in the Game Theory. The aim of the project is 1) To design and analyze efficient algorithms which define the rational behavior of the users of such networks. 2) To accurately estimate the ``prise of anarchy i.e. to compare cost of the user's selfish behavior with some hypothetically optimum centralized solutions. 3) To study algorithmic and computational issues of the Game Theory.


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