Development and exploitation of innovative systems for monitoring, auditing and discovering of global properties of entities in peer to peer networks.
Greek GSRT PENED Project
Project web site
Start-End Dates 01/09/2004 - 31/12/2007
Coordinator Triantafillou, Peter (CTI)
  • Research Academic Computer Technology Institute (RACTI)
  • Virtual Trip Ltd.
  • University of Patras (UoP)

The project deals with the study and development of innovative architectures, protocols, algorithms and monitoring/accounting and subsystems for auditing either of specific nodes or global properties of p2p networks. The project also deals with the embodying of these subsystem to either structured information systems or unstructured p2p networks. Furthermore, the goal of the project is to study possible application of the above results to new, rapidly developing class of applications. Our aim it to have not only a practical approach of these issues but a theoretical as well.

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