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September 24, 2010, Patras, Greece

The "Researchers Night" 2010 and the University of Patras invite you Friday, September 24 2010 hours 6.30mm-9.30pm, in room entertainment Veso Mare, an event dedicated to the scientific game.

Have fun with your children .... tomorrow's researchers, in the largest collection of scientific game.

Play with: Cosmic Rocket, the hydrogen car, the Hydropneumatic generator, the electro-pneumatic excavator, models Viruses, making many experiments.

See the brain in painting and graphity

Come play with interactions

Paint without soiling ...the digital brush
And digital games scattered calculation FinN the group.

Researchers from the University of Patras and the Institute of Technology Computer (CTI) will be close to them, to discuss with them any questions and anything else the strikes!

In a festive atmosphere coffee, drinks, gifts, music many games.

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