Wisebed WP2 Workshop

April 29-30, 2010, Patras, Greece,

General Information

The Workshop will be held in Patras, on April 29-30, 2010. Patras is located at the Western part of Greece’s mainland on the Northwestern coast of Peloponnesus. It is the third largest city of Greece and has always been a path to Europe, a gate towards the West and a commercial channel to the ports of Italy, France and England. Patras was the Cultural Capital of Europe for the year 2006. The important archeological site of Olympia is situated at 90km from Patras, while Delphi lies 115km away.

At 6km from Patras and 2Km from the University stands the Rion-Antirion suspended bridge. With over 2200m of suspended length (over 3km total) it is the longest suspended bridge in the world and an impressive technological feat given the adverse physical features of the environment (strong winds, strong seismic activity etc.). The bridge is also a beautiful sight (and a nice walk for the hiking lovers) especially in the night. (You may find more info on wikipedia).


The meeting will be held in the amphitheater of the new CTI building. The building is located in the Patras University Campus in Rio (Kazantzaki street, see how to find it using Google Maps). It is reachable by bus, but since the buses are quite infrequent, it is recommended to take a taxi (the cost from Patra’s center is around 7-10 euros).


09:00 - 10:00 Virtualisation demo: Discussion of a suitable application to demonstrate
this. ULANC has a potential candidate; others should bring ideas to discuss.
-led by ULANC, short presentations of ideas followed by discussion
10:00 - 10:30 Break
10:30 - 11:30 Reservation system: Implementation issues, discussion of potential to
integrate with above demo, or else development of separate demo.
- led by short presentation from UBERN
11:30 - 12:30 WiseML: Update on current status, planning for integration with other
parts of WP2.
- led by short presentation from TUD/CTI (please decide)
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch
13:30 - 17:30 with a break
Integration plan: What still needs to be done to make all of the various
parts work together on live testbeds. Includes per-sensor-node elements,
API systems and Shawn. Sub-topics of discussion led by noted people.
- session overall led by ULANC, deriving a list of things to do
- OpenCom SDK runtime on nodes (sans virtualisation) (ULANC)
- Intra-node virtualisation stuff (sensing inputs, etc.), radio
framework (ULANC)
- Inter-node virtualisation (virtual links via portal servers, routing
thereof, and between portals) (CTI)
- AAA for testbeds (physical/virtual) (UBERN)
- Reservation for testbeds (physical/virtual/simulated) (UBERN)
- Shawn, wrt. virtualisation (i.e. integrating into testbeds, virtual
sensing inputs on Shawn) (TUBS)
- Applying WiseML specification to an in-use testbed, i.e. parsing and
calling of appropriate API stuff (TUD)
- Additional demo support needed that's not covered in the above (UZL)


FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 2010
09:00 - 11:00 including refreshments
Implementation team(s) use opportunity to discuss / implement important
- others hold additional ad-hoc discussion based on Thursday's
outcomes, to be determined on the day
11:00 - 12:00 Management people (at least) discuss future of WP2 into year 3. We can
kick this off with the in-progress WP2 paper led by Geoff, which
contains a highly idealised architecture / usage model, and extrapolate
from there.
- resource mappers, visualisations, etc.?


We recommend the following hotels in Patras, near CTI

  1. Airotel Achaia Beach Hotel - distance from CTI: 4.8 Km (approximate)
  2. Porto Rio & Casino Patras - distance from CTI: 4.5 Km (approximate)
  3. Castello Hotel Rio - distance from CTI: 2.1 Km (approximate)

If you are interested for n.1 and 2, we recommend to book them via www.hotelscombined.com

Travel Information for coming to Patras

  1. By Train -- The Proastiakos (suburban) railway connects the airport to Athens and to the railway network of southern Greece operated by the OSE company. The Proastiakos station in the airport is just opposite to the main airport building and is accessible by a pedestrian bridge. You have to change twice, the first time in Ano Liosia station, and then in Kiato. There is a train every 15' minutes. The ticket for the whole trip is 14.50 €. Note that if you miss the Ano Liosia's station when coming from Patras, do not worry: you can change also at one of the next two stations, Neratziotissa or Plakentias.

  2. By Bus -- You must first go to the KTEL Coach Station at Athens by taking the X93/E93 express bus that departs just outside the airport terminal at the Arrival level (Exit 5). The ticket costs 2.90 and you can buy it in the bus or at the bus stop. It takes between 40 and 60 min to get there. Alternatively you can take a taxi that will cost about 40 €. From the coach station there is a bus to Patra almost every 30 min and the trip is around 3 hours. The first bus is at 05:50 and the last at 22:00. The ticket costs around 14 € and you must buy a ticket before boarding. There is a big ticket hall at the east side of the station. Head for the booth with the signs “Achaia” and/or “Patra”. There is no need to reserve tickets in advance, you will usually find a ticket for a bus leaving in the next hour.

  3. By Car -- Several car rental agencies operate on the airport. The new “Attiki Odos” high-speed toll motorway connects the airport with Athens and the main greek highways. Leave the airport following initially the signs to ATHINA and then to ELEFSINA to enter “Attiki Odos”. From that point on just stay on the highway following the signs to ELEFSINA, subsequenty to KORINTHOS, and finally to PATRA. After Korinthos, the highway splits into two and you must follow the right way (there are signs to PATRA). On this second half of the trip you must be a bit more careful, as the highway gets narrower - one lane plus the emergency one. It is typical to drive on the emergency lane so that other cars (moving faster) can bypass. The total distance between Athens airport and Patras is ~250km and the total cost of the tolls is 7.5 €. When reaching Patras, immediately after the toll station, take the exit “University of Patras”, and then follow the signs to “R.A.C.T.I.”.