webDust: Sensor Application Environment

webDust is a generic and modular application environment for developing applications for wireless sensor networks that allows the application implementor to create a customized environment that will provide a wide range of services for wireless sensor networks.

webDust stores the information extracted from the wireless sensor network in a database, offers extendable statistics and provides a set of web-based user interfaces that allow the designer to present the information in different ways based on the needs of the application. This environment allows automatic registration of motes and the devices technical characteristics in heterogeneous, hierarchical sensor networks.

The main strengths of jWebDust are:

  • The administrator can easily setup and control the network as motes register themselves automatically.
  • Multiple, heterogeneous, wireless sensor networks can be controlled as a single, unified, virtual sensor network.
  • Control centers need not be continuously connected with the rest of the system (i.e. disconnected operation is supported).
  • Many users can simultaneously query, monitor, and visualize the execution of the wireless sensor network through a Web-based user interface.
  • The wireless sensor network supports:
    1. Periodic Sensing,
    2. Event driven sensing and
    3. Query based sensing.
  • The queries made on the sensor network may be
    1. mote-specific or
    2. attribute-based.
  • Implementation follows an open-architecture that can be easily modified and extended to best suit the application needs
You can read more information at the webDust home page.