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ABI-ECG is an Android application used to handle electrocardiographs. Users of the application can manage patients and cardiographs related to them.

The application offers the following features:

  • Wireless connection with the electrocardiograph device (IEEE 802.15.4 standard)
  • Calculation of heart beats per minute (BPM)
  • Option to use digital filter to remove the interferences (from power network)
  • Option to save the graphs to the device and share them through e-mail, MMS, bluetooth
  • Offers way to take screen shots
  • Handle patients and full association with the phone contacts
  • Use of GPS to get user's position when an electrocardiograph is recorded
  • Show user's location at Google Maps
  • Use of OpenGL ES 1.0 graphics library

Developed by Ioannis Papavasiliou

Get it on Google Play