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Uberdust is a Data Storage Server designed for Gathering and Distributing Data ( Historical and Real Time ) from Wireless Sensor Networks and issuing commands to actuators installed in the Network.

The Data Storage Server provides a basic REST interface for displaying the data, adding new data and issuing commands.

There are also subprojects to facilitate communication with Data providers and  Data Consumers using WebSockets and the REST interface as well as some applications for Gathering Data and Controlling Actuators based on user preferences.

Via REST calls users and application developers can access Data in various formats like HTML, Text, JSON, WiseML or SensorML.

Data Providers are not limited to WSNs as any application that needs store any amount of data can connect to the system and send values as Node Readings or Links Readings between the Nodes.

So far we have used Uberdust for storing data from:


  • WSNs (storing values like temperature, movement detection, humidity, wind speed ...)
  • Computer Networks (storing values like status of the machines, disk usage, cpu loads, temperatures)
  • A Building Monitoring System (storing data from the local BMS)
  • User Preferences (storing data like the desired luminosity or temperature of employees in their offices)
And we also use it to control devices like:
  • Lights
  • Office Lamps
  • Air Conditioning
  • Speakers
  • Doors
  • Plugs
  • Linux Machines
Also we have developed Drupal Plugins to use the Uberdust Storage and Display the information in a more user friendly way with charts, heat maps and interactive images and switches. The website is available here.

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