1. M. Serna, now Full Professor in Univ Polytech Catalunya Spain
  2. A. Tuzhilin, now Professor in business school , NYU USA
  3. G. Pantziou, now Professor , Tech Eng School (TEI) Athens
  4. C. Bouras, now Professor and Rector, Patras Univ.
  5. J. Garofalakis, now Professor and former Department Head , CSE dept Patras Univ.
  6. C. Zaroliagis, now Professor, CSE Dept Patras Univ.
  7. P. Tsigas (co advisor with L Kirousis) now Senior Lecturer in Sweden
  8. M. Papatriantafillou, now Professor in Sweden
  9. V. Triantafillou, now Professor and former President at the U. of Peloponese.
  10. H. Antonopoulou, now Professor U. Peloponese.
  11. B. Tampakas, now Professor and former Dept. Head in U. Peloponese.
  12. P. Psycharis, now industrialist.
  13. B. Mamalis, now Professor in the Univ. Of Southern Athens.
  14. P. Fatourou, now Professor in the CS Dept U. of Crete , Greece.
  15. D. Fotakis, now Associate Professor in NTUA (Electrical Eng.)
  16. K. Hadjis, now in Industry.
  17. K. Antonis, now in Industry.
  18. G. Pentaris, now in Industry.
  19. S. Kontogiannis, now associate Professor in the CS Dept. of U. of Ioannina , Greece.
  20. S. Nikoletseas, now Professor in the Dept of Computer Engineering and Informatics , U Patras and Researcher in CTI.
  21. P. Efraimides, now Associate Professor in the Electrical Eng. Dept of the Univ of Thrace, Greece.
  22. I. Chatzigiannakis, now Associate Professor U. La Sapienza Rome Italy.
  23. V. Papadopoulou, now faculty , E. U Cyprus.
  24. D. Koukopoulos, now Assistant Professor at the U. Ioannina , department of Informatics and Culture.
  25. M. Andreou, now faculty at the Dept. of Electrical Eng. U Cyprus , Cyprus.
  26. V. Kapoulas, now Faculty in the TEI Stereas Ellados Greece.
  27. V. Liagkou , now Faculty in U. Thessalia Greece.
  28. C. Raptopoulos , now Post Doctoral Researcher in CTI.
  29. P. Panagopoulou , now Post Doctoral Researcher in RACTI.
  30. Charilaos Eythymiou , now Faculty in UK.
  31. Th. Komninos , now Director of IT Applications in the Ministry of Education of Greece and also Head of Security and Infrastructures and Member of the Executive Council of RACTI till Sept. 2017.
  32. Othon Mihail , now Lecturer in the U. of Liverpool.
  33. Eleni Akrida , now Lecturer U. Durham.
  34. Th. Melissourgos , now post-doctoral researcher in Germany.
  35. Paul Spirakis has been an external PhD Thesis Examiner (Member of the PhD Jury) for several strong Theses , including the PhD of Dan Alistarh (2012 EPFL) and the PhD of Tomas Valla (2012 Charles Univ. Prague) , also of Fatos Xhafa (UPC). Also of Alison Liu (U. of Liverpool).

NOTE : Paul Spirakis has also supervised many MSc and undergraduate Diploma Theses. Among them, most noticeable, the undergraduate Diploma Thesis of Dimitris Achlioptas.