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WiseML is data formating library designed to serialize, deserialize, persist and semantically annotate data from/to XML documents adhering to WiseML schema definition.

The WiseML library contains the following packages.

  • WiseML parser based on JibX bindings. Use this package to marshal and unmarshal the Setup,Scenario and Trace data from/to a wiseml document.
  • WiseConfig parser based on JibX bindings. This package provides methods for serializing and deserialzing the configuration set of aTestbed Runtime instance.
  • WiseDB O/RM persistence based on Hibernate. Using the WiseML model this package persists data to an RDBMS. It also uses ehcache for providing second level caching for several data tables.
  • WiseRDF mappings based on Jena framework. Use this package in order to provide semantic annotation on wiseml entities.


  • Java™ the well known object oriented languague.
  • JibX is one of the fastest XML object mapping frameworks out there (check out this performance test). Furthermore, it is very flexible in binding XML structures to objects.
  • Hibernate is probably the most well establish relational persistence framework for Java. Hibernate facilitates the storage and retrieval of Java domain objects via Object/Relational Mapping (ORM).
  • ehcache is an open source, standards-based cache used to boost performance, offload the database and simplify scalability. Ehcache is robust, proven and full-featured and this has made it the most widely-used Java-based cache.
  • Jena is a Java framework for building Semantic Web applications. It provides a programmatic environment for RDF, RDFS and OWL, SPARQL and includes a rule-based inference engine.
  • Apache Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool. Based on the concept of a project object model (POM), Maven can manage a project's build, reporting and documentation from a central piece of information.