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  1. Dagstuhl Computer Science Seminar on Analysis of Algorithms, July 1993: Invited talk and report on "Regular random graphs with edge faults".
  2. Dagstuhl Computer Science Seminar on Parallel Algorithms, Sept 1993: Invited talk and report on "Five paradigms for fast parallel approximations to problems that are hard to parallelise"
  3. DIMACS Workshop on Parallel Algorithms "From Solving Combinatorial Problems to Grand Challenge Problems" Invited talk and report on "Paradigms for fast parallel approximations for problems that are hard to parallelise". Nov 17-19 1993, DIMACS Center, Rutgers Univ.
  4. Keynote speaker in the 10th Anniversary of the British Theoretical Computer Society, March 1994.
  5. Dagstuhl Computer Science Seminar "random graphs and expanders" April 10-17, 1994.
  6. Obervolfach seminar on Data Structures and Algorithms August 1994.
  7. Dagstuhl Computer Sciene seminar on "on-line algorithms" 1995.
  8. Nominator for the Inamori Prizes in Information Sciences, 1995, 1999
  9. Invited Lectures on approximations complexity in the 1994 SCHOOL OF COMPLEXITY, Barcelona, Sept. 1994
  10. Invited Lecturer on Parallel Algorithms in the School of Parallel Computation, Padova, Italy, June 1996.
  11. Invited Lecturer in the SCHOOL OF APPROXIMATION, Unesco and CISM, Trieste, Italy, Sept. 1996.
  12. Invited Speaker in the DIMACS Workshop on Discrete Probability, spoke about " Almost uniform generation of matchings in RNC", work joint with J. Diaz, M. Serna, P. Psycharis and S. Nikoletseas, DIMACS Rutgers Univ, Oct 1996.
  13. Invited Speaker in the Theory Day of Paderborn Univ., Germany, Febr. 1996
  14. Keynote address speaker in the Workshop on randomised parallel computation (WRPC) of IPPS, March 1997, work joint with J. Diaz, M. Serna and P. Psycharis.
  15. Invited speaker in the 1997 ALTEC II workshop (Saarbrucken, May 1997).
  16. Invited speaker in the July 1997 Dagstuhl seminar on Average case analysis of algorithms.
  17. Invited Speaker in the 1997 SIROCCO Conference.
  18. Invited Speaker in the DIMACS Workshop on Networks and Distributed Computing, spoke about "On Line Algorithms for Mobile Networks" joint work with D. Fotakis, G. Pentaris, T. Pantziou Lecture Notes and Books in Greek Language.
  19. "Invited Speaker in the Formal Languages Theory (FLT) 1997 Conference, in Thessaloniki, July 97. Spoke about "Languages that Count".
  20. Invited Speaker in the Dagstuhl Seminar in Algorithmic Aspects of Physics, Dec 1997. Spoke about "Quantum Computing vs Classical Computing".
  21. Invited Speaker in the 1999 Workshop on Phase Transition Systems, Univ of Liverpool, UK 1999. Title of talk "Thresholds in random structures".
  22. Invited Speaker in the 1998 Workshop on AI, Thessaloniki, Greece, title "New results on Probabilistic Checkable Proofs".
  23. Invited Speaker in the Dagstuhl Seminar on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Summer 1999.
  24. Tutorial Speaker in the 1999 ACAI Conference, on the subject "Genetic Algorithms: An algorithmic approach", with P Psycharis, July 1999.
  25. Invited Speaker in the 1999 School on "Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics", on "Algorithmic Complexity". Joint work with D Fotakis. Patras, 1999.
  26. "Invited member of the "Brainstorming Meeting in Computer Science", Jan 2000, CEC EU IST FET Proactive action.
  27. Invited keynote speaker in the 2nd European Parliamentarian Conference, in the topic: Internet and democracy, Jan 2000
  28. Invited Speaker in the MPI Computer Science Seminar. Spoke on the subject of "Distributed Decision Making: The case of no Communication", Feb 2000.
  29. Invited Speaker in the Computer Science colloquium of Duke University, March 2000, on the subject of Distributed Decision Making.
  30. Invited Speaker in the MFCS workshop in Algorithmic aspects of Networks, on the subject of Radio Frequency Assignment.
  31. Lecturer in the School on Distributed Computing, MPI, Saarbrucken, on the topic "Mobile Computing", Sept 2000.
  32. Invited Speaker in the Dagstuhl Seminar on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Sept 2000.
  33. Invited Speaker in INRIA (Ph Flajolet group) France. November 2000. Spoke about Distributed Decision Making.
  34. Keynote address in the 8th International Conference in High Performance Computing, Dec 2001, Hyderaband India. Title: Instability of FIFO and of Mixings of Stable Policies for Networks".
  35. Invited lecturer in Max Planck Informatik for four lectures in the seminar of algorithmic aspects of networks, Fall 2001.
  36. Invited speaker in the 18th British Colloquium on Theoretical Computer Science, HP Labs, Bristol, 7-11 April 2002.
  37. Invited speaker in the Max Planck Symposium "Perspectives in Computer Science", Berlin, April 29-30 2002.
  38. Invited speaker in the Dagstuhl Seminar on randomization and approximation in networks, June 2002.
  39. Invited Guest of the Russian Academy of Sciences , Computing Center, April 2003.
  40. Invited speaker in DIMACS seminar (Fall 2002) on Mobility Issues in Algorithms.
  41. Invited Speaker in the 2003 Onassis Foundation Lectures, "Algorithmic Aspects of the Internet and the Web", Crete, July 2003.
  42. Co-author of the CEU-FET Report for the design of Global Computing II, with V. Sassone et al, Spring 2003.
  43. Invited Lecturer of the minicourse on "Game Theory and Complexity" in the Universitat Politechnica Catalunya, Computer Science Dept, Barcelona, Spain, June 2003.
  44. Lecturer (invited) of the Berkeley Univ CS Dept Theory Lunch (Dec 2003) on "the full mix Nash equilibrium conjecture".
  45. Invited lecturer in the AGATE workshop "Algorithms and Game Theory" in Bertinoro, Italy, July 2004.
  46. Invited speaker in SIROCCO 2004, June 04, on "Algorithmic issues of congestion games."
  47. Keynote speaker in ALGOSENSORS 2004.
  48. Invited Speaker in the 2004 European Conference on Complex Systems (Future and Emerging Technologies FET-EU), Dec 5-8 2004. Title of talk: "The Complexity of Equilibria and the Cost of Anarchy in Network Congestion Games".
  49. Invited Lecturer of the minicourse "Recent advances on Algorithmic Game Theory", in the Universitat Politechnica Catalunya, Computer Science Dept. Barcelona, Spain, Oct 26-30 2004.
  50. Invited keynote speaker in the 2005 March National Event on CS Research in Germany, Paderborn, March 2005.
  51. Invited speaker in the "European Constitution" event, in the Patras Lawers auditorium, organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Subject spoken: Innovation and Technology in Europe, Feb 2005.
  52. Invited Speaker in the Conference on Algebraic Informatics, Thesalloniki, Greece, Sept. 2005.
  53. Keynote Speaker, Greek Mathematical Society (Patras Branch), on the occasion of Prizes of the 2004 Competition. Title of talk: New Mathematics and new technology.
  54. Invited speaker in the Dagstuhl Seminar on Complex Networks, Sept. 2005. Spoke on "A fair mechanism for resources pricing".
  55. Invited speaker in the EU COST workshop on Algorithmic Challenges in Computer Science, Brussels, Aug 30-31 2005.
  56. Invited speaker at the February 2006 Obervolfach seminar on Algorithmic Graph Theory. Spoke on " Graphs , Games and Algorithms".
  57. Keynote Speaker in the "Incentive Based Computing (IBC) 2005" Workshop, Compiegne, Fr
  58. Invited Speaker in the 2006 Siemens-Nixdorff Symposium, Paderborn, Germany. January 17-18 , 2006. Spoke on "Algorithmic Issues in Coalitional and Dynamic Network Games".
  59. Invited Speaker at the 2005 Panhellenic Conference in Infromatics (PCI) , Volos , Greece , Nov. 2005. Spoke about Agorithmic Game Theory.
  60. Keynote Speaker in the Workshop on Autonomic Communications (WAC 2005) . Spoke on Cooperation and Competition in Networks.
  61. Invited Speaker at the May 25-28 2006 Bertinoro Workshop on Cooperation among Selfish Entities (Incorporating tagworld I). Spoke on Colaitional and Antagonistic Games : Algorithmic Issues.
  62. Invited Speaker at the August 30-31 2006 Workshop on Networks and Complexity. Spoke about Cooperation and Antagonism in Networks. Sounio Greece 2006 , Organiser : L. Tasioulas . Sponsored by Eurongn , an excellence network for Networks Science.
  63. Coauthor of the report : " More is Different: The challenge of Complexity" Published by the Excellence network EXYSTENCE , ISI FET EU 2006.
  64. Invited Single Lecturer in the UPC Barcelona Minicourse "Advances in Algorithmic Game Theory" Oct 17-21 2006.
  65. Invited Speaker in the DELIS CompNet workshop , Barcelona , Oct 20 2006. Spoke on "Random Intersection Graphs".
  66. Keynote Speaker in the 23rd Conference of the Greek Mathematical Society (EME) . Title of Talk : "Mathematics and Technology " , EME Proceedings , Nov. 2006.
  67. Invited Speaker in the Bertinoro Workshop on Adversarial Networks Theory. Title of Talk : "Network Security Games" . Nov. 27-30 2006, Bertinoro , Italy.
  68. Invited Lecturer in the Aeolus School on Algorithmic Network Theory.Dec. 15-17 2006 , Patras, Greece.
  69. Chair of the PERAD 2007 Workshop on Pervasive Adaptation, jointly organised by EU/FET and EATCS. Brussels , Jan 26 2007.
  70. Keynote Speaker of the 2007 (March) Annual Meeting of the AG Monien of the University of Paderborn, held in Cyprus (Paphos). Spoke on Efficinet Algorithms for the Construction of Well Supported Approximate Nash Equilibria.
  71. Invited Speaker in the March 2007 (25-28 March) workshop on Algorithmic Game Theory (AGT) of the DIMAP Institute of the University of Warwick UK. Spoke about Efficient Algorithms for Well-Supported Approximate Nash Equilibria.
  72. Invited Speaker at the May 7-11 Oberwolfach Seminar 2007 on Algorithms Engineering. Spoke on Experiments in Algorithmic Game Theory. Oberwolfach Report 25 , 2007 , jointly with P. Panagopoulou.
  73. Invited Visitor at the U. of Paderborn , AG MOnien Group , June 25-30 2007.
  74. Invited Speaker in the 2007 SAGA Conference (Symposium on Stochastic Algorithms and Applications). Spoke about : Probabulistic Techniques in Algorithmic Game Theory. Sept.13 and 14 , 2007 , ETH Zurich.
  75. Invited Lecturer in the 2007 Aeolus School of the Univ. of Salerno and EU/FET. Spoke about "A Formal Model of Trust in global computers and applications to key establishment rpotocols in sensor networks" Sept. 18 2007.
  76. Invited Single Lecturer in the UPC Barcelona Minicourse on Foundational Aspects of Sensor Networks. Sept 24-28 2007.
  77. Invited Speaker in the IFIP TC1 minicolloquium meeting during ETAPS in Budapest , March 2008. Spoke on "Some issues in Algorithmic Game Theory".
  78. Invited Keynote Speaker of the Moldova Academy of Sciences. April 16 to 19 , 2008. Spoke about "An example of a Research Institute in the Information Society".
  79. Invited Lecturer in the Bertinoro School of "Hot Trends in Network Algorithms" (HoT-TINA) , May 6-8 2008. Lectured about "Algorithmic Game Theory in Networks".
  80. Invited Speaker in the 1st International Symposium on Algorithmic Game Theory (SAGT 2008) , Paderborn , Germany , Apr. 30- May 2 , 2008. Spoke about "Efficient Approximations for Nash Equilibria in 2 person strategic games".
  81. Invited Participant in the meeting " ACM and Europe" , organised by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) , Paris , May 19 2008.
  82. Semi-Plenary Speaker in the Annual FoCM (Foundations of Computational Mathematics) Conference 2008 in Hong Kong , for the Workshop on "Relations to Computer Science" , June 20-24 2008. Spoke on "Efficinet Approximate Equilibria for 2 Person Strategic Games".
  83. Invited speaker in the 2008 Athens Colloquium on Algorithms and Computation, Athens , Aug 26 2008. Spoke on "An Optimization Approach for Approximate Nash Equilibria".
  84. Invited Speaker in the Web-Science Session of the 2008 Pan-Hellenic Conference on Informatics. Spoke on "Foundations of Economics and Web-Science". Joint work with S. Kontogiannis. Samos , Greece , Aug 28 2008.
  85. Invited Speaker in the DYNAMO workshop in Arcachon France , Sept. 25 2008. Spoke on "Probabilistic Population Protocols".
  86. Invited Speaker in the Embedded Systems Platform Workshop Patras Oct 14 2008.
  87. Invited Speaker in the Patras Workshop of the Authority for Privacy of Communications. Spoke about "privacy with the view of the Citizen at the center", Oct 17 2008.
  88. Keynote Speaker in the first annual workshop of the FET EU Project FRONTS. Spoke about "Generalized Population Protocols". The workshop took place in Bertinoro , Italy , January 22-23 2009.
  89. Invited Speaker in the Open University of Cyprus , Jan. 9 2009. Spoke about "Foundational Aspects of Sensor Networks".
  90. Invited Speaker in the WebSci'09 Conference (WSRI organiser, Athens , Greece). Spoke on "Trust in the Web". March 19 2009.
  91. Invited Plenary Speaker in the Military University of Greece , June 17-18 2009. Spoke about Research Policy.
  92. Invited speaker in the Dagstuhl/DYNAMO workshop June 1-5 2009. Spoke about Mediated Population Protocols.
  93. Invited Tutorial Speaker in the IWSSIP 2009 (16th International Conference on Systems , Signals , and Image Processing , Chalkis Greece June 18-19 2009. Spoke about Foundations of Sensor Networks.
  94. Invited Speaker in the 2009 Practical Aspects on Security Workshop (PRACSE 2009) , June 12 2009. Spoke about Trust in the Web.
  95. Invited Speaker in the MFCS 2009 Conference. Spoke about Recent Advances in Population Networks.
  96. Invited Speaker in the Conference "Fun with Algorithms" , in Ischia Italy on July 2-4 2010. Spoke on "Fun with Games".
  97. Invited Plenary Lecturer in ASI 2010 , Theory and Applications of Algorithmic Game Theory , Croucher Advanced Study Institute (ASI) , Hong Kong July 2010. P. Spirakis lectured on Bimatrix Games and Indefinite Quadratic Programs.
  98. Invited Speaker in the Symposium " Trends in Theoretical Computer Science" , honouring the 60th Birthday of Professor Josep Diaz , Centre De Recerca Matematica, Barcelona , Spain , Feb. 24-25 , 2011. P. Spirakis lectured on "Probabilistic Techniques in Algorithmic Game Theory".
  99. Distinguished Invited Speaker in Chalmers University Sweden , Gothenburg , Jan. 18-20 2011. Paul G. Spirakis lectured on "Internet , Game Theory and Economics: A new Science ?".
  100. Plenary Invited Speaker at the MITACS Workshop in Ottawa University , Canada. Paul Spirakis spoke on " New Advances in Population Protocols". Ottawa , April 27 to 29 2011.
  101. Keynote Speaker in the 10th International Symposium on Experimental Algorithms , SEA 2011. Paul G. Spirakis spoke on " Approximability of Symmetric Bimatrix Games and Related Experiments".
  102. Invited Speaker in the Greek Economic and Algorithmic Theory Week , July 25-29, Paros , Greece. Paul Spirakis spoke about Approximability of Nash Equilibria in Bimatrix Games and Related Experiments.
  103. Invited Speaker in the 4th DIDAPRO workshop in Patras Greece in Oct 23 2011. P. Spirakis soke about the need of introducing foundational aspects of Computing in the curricula of Greek Schools.
  104. Invited Speaker at Imperial College UK (Host Prof. Erol Gelenbe). Paul Spirakis spoke on "Evolutionary Processes on Undirected Graphs". Feb 1-2 2012.
  105. Invited Speaker at the Greek Mathematical Society , Thessaloniki , March 9-11 2012. Paul Spirakis spoke on "Evolutionary processes on Undirected Graphs".
  106. Invited Speaker at the Open Data workshop , Thessaloniki April 6 2012. Paul Spirakis spoke on Evolutionary Games and Open Data.
  107. Invited Speaker at the Computer Science Dept. of Ecole Polytechnique , on June 8 2012 , Paris France. Paul Spirakis spoke on "Evolutionary Processes on Undirected Graphs".
  108. Invited Lecturer and co-chair of the Algorithmic Game Theory School in Samos on July 15-21 2012. Paul Spirakis lectured on Evolutionary Games on Undirected Graphs.
  109. Keynote Speaker in the 2012 Athens Colloquium on Algorithms and Complexity (ACAC 2012). P. Spirakis lectures on "Dynamic Networks Foundations".
  110. Invited Speaker in EPFL Lausanne in Nov 29 2012. P. Spirakis spoke on Game Theory , the Internet and the Web : A New Science ? .
  111. Keynote Speaker in ISACA Athens Dec. 2012. P. Spirakis spoke on Trust issues in the Web.
  112. Invited Speaker in ICALP 2013.
  113. Invited Speaker in CSR (Computer Science Russia) 2013.
  114. Keynote Speaker in the e-twinning event of the Patras House of Sciences , Apr 26 , 2013. P. Spirakis spoke on "The Science in Computer Science".
  115. Invited Speaker in the Patras Regional Development Conference for Western Greece , Apr 23 2013. P. Spirakis spoke on "Smart Cities".
  116. Invited Speaker in the Europe 2020 Sectional Conference of the Ministry of Education of Greece , Athens , Apr. 29 2013. P. Spirakis spoke on "ICT in Education and its role in Greek Education in the e2020 framework".
  117. Invited speaker in the Algorithmic Game Theory workshop of the CS dept of London School of Economics on 17-18 Oct 2013. P. Spirakis spoke about evolutionary antagonism in undirected networks.
  118. Invited speaker in the Algorithms Seminar at Oxford U. on Nov. 5 2013.P. Spirakis spoke about resolving the paradox of Braess in random networks.
  119. Invited Speaker in the Algorithms Seminar at the DIMAPS Center of the University of Warwick on February 18 2014. P. Spirakis spoke about Optimization and Design problems in Temporal Networks.
  120. Invited Speaker in the Middlesex Algorithms Day (MAD! 2014) in the Dept. of Computer Science of Middlesex University London, on Friday March 14 , 2014. Paul Spirakis spoke about Temporal Networks : Optimization and Connectivity.
  121. Invited Speaker in the TADDS 2014 workshop (affiliated with ACM PODC) on Dynamic Networks in Paris July 15 2014. Paul Spirakis spoke about Temporal Networks and about causality of events and information dissemination in worst case possibly disconnected dynamic networks.
  122. Invited Speaker in the Athens Colloquium on Algorithms and Complexity (ACAC) 2014. P. Spirakis spoke about temporal networks.
  123. Invited Speaker in the 2014 Symposium on Algorithmic Game Theory (SAGT 2014) , Sept. 29 to Oct 1 2014. P. Spirakis spoke about Potential Functions in Strategic Games.
  124. Invited Speaker in the London Stringology Days/London Algorithmic Workshop 2015 , King's College London, 5-6 February 2015. P. Spirakis spoke about Temporal Graphs and Temporal Networks.
  125. Invited Speaker in the Workshop on Strategic Behaviour and Phase Transitions in Random and Complex Combinatorial Structures , CRM , Barcelona , July 8 to 12 , 2015. P. Spirakis spoke about the discrete dynamics of Majority Population Protocols.
  126. P. Spirakis was a Keynote Speaker in ESA 2015. He spoke on "Discrete Population Dynamics".
  127. P. Spirakis was a Keynote Speaker in PCI 2016 (Panhellenic Conference in Informatics 2016). He spoke about "Temporal Networks and Temporal Graphs".
  128. P. Spirakis was a Keynote Speaker in the Conference SOFSEM 2017 which took place in Limerick Ireland Jan. 16-20 2017. P. Spirakis spoke about " Network Constructors : A model for Programmable Matter".
  129. P. Spirakis was an Invited Speaker in the Algorithms Day of the Alan Turing Institute in London on March 17 2017. P. Spirakis spoke about Temporal Graphs (Algorithms and Complexity).
  130. P. Spirakis was an invited speaker in Loughborough Univ. He spoke about new models for Programmabe matter. The talk was on January 28 2019.
  131. P. Spirakis was an invited speaker in the WALE 2019 workshop in Rhodes. WALE is by invitation only. The talk was on Monday July 22 , 2019. Paul spoke about the SMITH problem.
  132. P. Spirakis was a plenary speaker in the opening of the ACAC 2019 (Athens Colloquium on Algorithms and Complexity). The talk was on July 22. Paul spoke about the consensus halving problem and the Borsuk-Ulam Theorem.