A Platform for Risk Analysis of Security Critical Systems
Project web site http://www2.nr.no/coras/
Start-End Dates 01/01/2001 - 30/06/2003
Coordinator Tony Price-Telenor AS (TN)
  • Intrasoft S.A.
  • Institutt for Energiteknikk
  • Norwegian Computing Center (NR)
  • The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research at the Norwegian Institute of Technology (SINTEF)
  • National Centre of Telemedicine - University Hospital of Tromsoe (UHT)
  • Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils (CCLRC)
  • Queen Mary & Westfield College (QMW)
  • Solinet GMBH Telecommunications (SOLINET)
  • Research Academic Computer Technology Institute


The CORAS' main objectives are: a) to develop a practical framework for a precise, unambiguous and efficient risk analysis, by exploiting the synthesis of risk analysis methods with semiformal specification methods (in particular, methods for object oriented modelling) and computerized tools, in order to improve the risk analysis of security critical systems, b) to assess the applicability, usability and efficiency of the framework by extensive experimentation in the fields of e-commerce and telemedicine, c) to investigate the method's commercial viability and pursue its exploitation within relevant market segments, while playing an influential role in standardization organizations.